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nov 10 2012

Vídeo Gay Online – Punheta com Cristian

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set 23 2012

Vídeo Gay Download – Punheta com Cristian

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set 23 2012

Lucas Kazan – Dose Dupla – Cristian e Rick

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Butt beautiful. Feast your eyes on Cristian‘s glorious buttocks: the roundest (and firmest) we’ve seen in a long while. Not that everything else about 25 year old Cristian isn’t first-rate: with a fierce cock, a sexy grin and a muscular build, Christian would stand out in any crowds. His butt however… let’s just say we can’t get over it. Too bad this hot Italian newcomer doesn’t put it to good use. Yes, he admits to a few sexcapades with the boys, but as a top only –so he claims. Watch him as he describes his very latest: fucking the husband while the wife watched and masturbated. How kinky is that?

Rick is 20 and enjoys just about everything: “Bottoming, topping… I love sucking dick the most”. I was quite taken with this handsome, jolly young man. Taken with his youthful face, his dazzling smile, and his sexy body hair (albeit carefully trimmed). A hairy jock, for a change? Sign me up!

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